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Tamigo offers a number of workshops that quickly and effectively equip you and your key managerial staff to manage the core functions in your company. The basis of the workshop is everyday situations – as administrators and planners see them in their companies/stores – with emphasis on practical management of the Tamigo core functions. At the workshop you will become confident with the entire process – from the initial planning to the transmission of hours to the payroll system. You will also learn how Tamigo can be used as a management tool to handle time registration, employee management and finances. In addition, you will learn how you can save both time and money in the future when you manage shift planning.

Create employees, make rosters and communicate directly with your employees via Tamigo.
Register actual hours and transmit your employees' wage hours to your payroll system.
Extract reports from Tamigo and get to know your wage percentages, budgets, the employees' arriving times/leaving times, absence overviews and sick hours.

After the workshop you will be fully equipped to make online planning of shifts, and all your employees will have access to Tamigo. They will be able to see rosters for the coming weeks, make bids for available shifts, exchange shifts with each other and ask for a day off. You will be able to make rosters, register your employees' actual hours and manage absence. According to your needs you will be shown how to export wage hours from Tamigo directly into your payroll system. During the workshop you will have plenty of opportunities to ask about functions and issues relating specifically to your company.

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