Leave management

Registration and documentation of employee leave is a time-consuming task for most companies - especially during holiday periods. This is why we at Tamigo enable our customers to make leave management much easier and clearer for all parties.

Your employees can send leave requests via the web or Tamigo smartphone app for the planner or administrator to accept or reject. Leave balances and the roster are automatically and immediately updated.


Send absence requests

Employees can request annual leave and extra days off, making your shift planning easier as you will always have an updated overview of absence requests that you can easily accept or reject.

Automatic integration

Absence is automatically entered in the roster when you have accepted absence requests or when you have registered your employees' absence.

Simple absence calendar

When are your employees absent? In the absence calendar you will see a graphic overview of your employees' absence and you can easily edit and delete absence.

Absence statistics

The company can access an all-round, updated overview of the notifications of illness and can thus identify patterns for the absence and focus on relevant prevention.

Absence calendar at all levels

Employees, managers and the finance department just have to click once to get an all-round overview of all absence types, such as: Sick days, annual leave, extra days off, carer's leave, leave of absence, courses, private appointments, teleworking days, travel, overtime, time in lieu, etc. It is easy and fast and saves the company lots of administrative costs.

Easy management of annual leave balance

Employees can access their own annual leave balances at any time. In addition, management can access all employees' annual leave balances in all departments. Moreover, the absence module gives automatic warnings if employees request annual leave in excess of the remaining entitlement.