Finance and forecasts

Tamigo is an important online tool in your daily efforts to optimise the staff management of your company, regardless of company size. Tamigo enables head office to manage and create an overview of revenue, productivity and wage costs at both chain and store level.

With Tamigo you can compare the departments' financial situation and shift planning today and in the future and thus improve the dialogue between head office and planners. Moreover, Tamigo API enables you to collect data directly from Tamigo or transmit data directly into Tamigo via web services. You can do this at any time and from any other system. Using API thus provides optimum flexibility for data integration with other systems.


Upload revenue automatically

Tamigo can upload the daily revenue from your POS system directly into Tamigo so that you automatically get the updated figures and wage percentages in Tamigo.

Wage simulation and forecast

Don't wait until it's too late! On the basis of the roster you can see the ratio between your budgeted wage costs and the future revenue.

Budget follow-up

Tamigo makes it easy for you to monitor whether you meet your budget. Budget follow-up can be based on actual hours or salary paid.

Matching of expectations in the entire organisation

You can, for example, easily see what head office has forecast for the individual store. At the beginning of each year, head office or the retail manager makes budgets for revenue and wage costs in Tamigo. This means that both management and retail manager can always compare the day's planned and actual figures with the budgeted figures.

Make proactive decisions

The productivity report in Tamigo is a management tool for managers who need to optimise the staffing-revenue ratio. With this report in hand you can respond quickly e.g. to declining revenue or excessive staffing, and make important and proactive decisions that enable your employees to be as efficient as possible at work – of benefit to productivity in your company.

See your future wage percentage

The Tamigo budget and roster not only let the day-to-day management see the wage percentage for the last revenue registered. The wage percentage report also shows the future development of your wage percentage because the wage costs for the planned roster are compared to the budget.