Tamigo helps you make wise decisions – today and in the future. Tamigo's in-depth knowledge of different lines of business and our stated objective – which is to make life easier for you, your company and your employees, have lead to a simple, user-friendly system. Tamigo replaces time-consuming administration and manual keying with fully automatic processes – from shift planning and registration of hours to budgeting and wage transmission. In just a few years Tamigo has become the preferred system for a number of large Danish and international retail chains as well as smaller retail chains and independent stores In other words, the system is thoroughly tested through everyday use in some of the most competitive lines of business. Therefore you can be certain that Tamigo gives you a reliable and future-proof solution where buzzwords like automation, communication and transparency are part of the system.

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Forecast and productivity – on hand to serve the customer

Tamigo has developed a number of functions that enable you to make the right choices in an easy manner to improve customer service, increase sales and minimise wage costs. Using uploaded customer figures, Tamigo can give an accurate impression of productivity on an hourly basis in the individual store. On the basis of forecasts, retail managers can subsequently make substantiated decisions about future staffing.

Easy and simple benchmarking

As one of the only suppliers of workforce management systems in the market, Tamigo offers unrestricted access to information in the entire organisation. This means that management can easily gain insight into the staffing situation for the individual store and the planned wage costs, and the main office can create a collective benchmark analysis for all departments. Direct communication with all employees in all departments is an integrated function in the Tamigo communication module.

Easy time registration and wage transmission

Getting paid correctly is one of the biggest motivation factors at any workplace. In Tamigo all actual shifts are registered in the time sheet that can subsequently be exported to your preferred wage system. The employees can access their own time sheet at any time and validate the final payment of wages and prevent conflicts.

"Regardless of country and culture, our initial impression – that Tamigo is a user-friendly planning tool for all our employees – has been confirmed."
International HR-manager in, Anette Sørensen

Get off to a good start

Get off to a good start with Tamigo. Book a free 30 days' trial period with full access to telephone support and create employees, make rosters and register absence. After the trial period, you will already have implemented Tamigo in your operations and can effortlessly continue with a subscription.
If your store requires more help in the start-up phase, Tamigo offers a number of cost-effective services. As a start-up company, you can either book a personal meeting where we clarify your needs in relation to Tamigo. You can also buy a workshop for you and your key managerial staff, after which all your employees are created on the system and can access updated rosters.
For chains Tamigo offers to handle the entire process of implementing, transmitting data, integrating seamlessly in the payroll system and training heads of operations. Together we prepare a roadmap for the process and subsequently, on the basis of your specific needs and wishes, we customise the process. The aim is to add as much value as possible to your chain – as fast as possible.

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