Why white collars and creative front runners all use time clocks

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The need for flexible and precise time registration has made Tamigo Touch time clock a world wide hit amongst businesses where you wouldn’t expect to see employees clocking in/out.

There was a time when time clocks belonged in big factories filled with blue collars working endless assembly lines. But thanks to inexpensive online, digital technology that time has long past. Today businesses in all industries uses online time clocks – Tamigo Touch being one of the most successful on the market with more than 250.000 registered shifts every month.

That means that whenever hourly paid workers in more traditional time clock settings such as bakeries and supermarkets clock in and out, chances are that employees wearing suits and ties are doing exactly the same - from tastefully designed offices of billion dollar pharmaceutical companies to art museums.

How to handle dynamic teams

Tamigo Touch time clock has even found its way into creative environments with entrepreneurial front runners who used to view the time clock as a grim image of the un-reflected masses.

Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community centre Impact Hub Birmingham in England is not the sort of place where you would expect to see a time clock. Co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham explains why the Tamigo Touch time clock has become a vital part of daily operations:

“We use Tamigo Touch as our main check in and check out function for our hosts. We have a large, dynamic team of hosts who do irregular shifts each week so this function allows us to easily see who has been able to fill which shifts.”

Andy Reeves elaborates:

“Having the check in function locked to one IP-address* allows us to have an iPad set up on the host desk for people to use making it quick and easy to check in.”

For more information on Tamigo Touch time clock please visit: http://www.tamigo.com/products/modules/tamigo-touch/


*Note: Having the Tamigo Touch locked to one IP address means that you can only use the Tamigo Touch on devices which are on the same wifi as the registred IP-address. A growing number of Tamigo customers uses exactly that setting when they allow employees to check in/out via Tamigo App on their smartphones.