Checklist: How to choose the right shift schedule

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The requirements for online workforce management solutions are constantly growing. Today, the shift schedule doesn’t only take care of the “when” and “where”, on the contrary, it’s the central link between employee communication, financial management and on-time salary exports! 

Consequently, an optimal workforce management solution provides control and overview of future revenue, future productivity and future labour costs on chain as well on store level. 

Follow the checklist and find the workforce management solution that’s the perfect match for the size of your business, your strategy and industry.

 1. Research - Do you recognise yourself and your business?

 Most workforce management vendors offer a free trial period. Take advantage of the offer and test the usability and support options thoroughly! Also check whether you can continue with the trial data as a paying customer. Additionally, we recommend that you spend a few minutes going through the key points on the supplier's website. Pay special attention to whether:

• Customer references match your industry exactly

• Partners, such as your current payroll system are mentioned (read about integration options in section 3)

• The provider focuses entirely on e.g. large retail chains or whether SMEs are also represented in the customer portfolio

• The system supports your company's most important economic control parameters such as productivity, labor costs and revenue     

2. Platforms and flexibility

 It goes without saying that the shift schedule must be online as well as feature a well-functioning app for smartphones. This ensures optimal flexibility so that all parties involved can access the system anytime, anywhere.

 Statistics from our customer database shows that up to 80% of all employee log-ins in shift schedules are through a smartphone app. In other words, a well-functioning app for all smartphones (iPhone, Android and Windows) is essential for more and more companies today. You can quickly test the quality of the smartphone app by checking the following:

  • Can employees and planners interact with the shift schedule app – e.g. can they swap shifts, bid for available shifts, edit the plan as well as approve and add absence?

  • The smartphone app should be intuitively structured (no manual necessary)

  • Can employees use their smartphones as a digital time clock (relevant for e.g. service companies where employees do not have a physical office)

  • Find reviews and ratings of the app in e.g. App Store

 3. Can the shift schedule be integrated with existing systems? 

Systems that don’t communicate with each other cause frustration and inhibits the productivity of the company. You need not replace your payroll system just because you implement a new workforce management system. Therefore, you should find out if the shift schedule can be integrated directly into the company's other systems. •         Check if the shift schedule can transmit hours and wage codes directly to your preferred payroll system.

  • If your company operates a POS system, you must ensure that you can export e.g. today's revenue directly and automatically to your shift schedule

  • If your company already has implemented a digital time clock, check whether you can export the employees' actual work hours directly to the timesheet in the shift schedule and ultimately to the payroll system

 4.     You get what you pay for ... but is it good enough? 

The price of an - seemingly – inexpensive workforce management system can be too high. In fact, it probably is if you can answer ‘no’ to any of the following:

 • Can the shift schedule be upgraded smoothly; e.g. with financial functions such as revenue budget and wage percentages?

• Can the shift schedule handle expansion abroad with multiple languages ​​and foreign work time regulations and integration to payroll systems?

• Is the shift schedule regularly and automatically upgraded with new features and improvements?

• Does the price of the subscription include free and efficient support via email and phone? 

Once you have reviewed this checklist, you should be able to choose the right workforce management system. Still in doubt? Don’t hesitate to call us on: (07) 5641 1484. We are ready to tell you all about your options with Tamigo!


Happy hunting!