"It is incredibly important that we are able to see our rosters costs in Tamigo while we’re making them."

Since 2008 Tamigo has helped planners, operations managers and employees  at Sticks'n'Sushi to create optimal conditions for good customer experiences - not least thanks to a reliable, online roster.

Tamigo’s roster is incredibly easy to handle for the individual planner. Also the entire solution is constantly being optimized with new user-friendly features, and it actually keeps getting easier and easier to use,

says operations manager at Sticks'n'Sushi, Tommy Hvid.

He also points at the Tamigo App for smartphones as a "brilliant tool". The app gives both planners and employees unrestricted access to key functions and information anytime, anywhere. Planners can put out vacant shifts via the app, while employees can exchange shifts and register absence with automatic SMS communication going directly to the responsible planner.

”We use all of Tamigo’s features to optimise operations, both in Denmark and abroad. Tamigo makes it easy, fast and very efficient to keep an overview of the company's daily routine and the organisation of roster, which benefits all our employees." 

"It is also a huge plus in the daily operations, that employees through our Tamigo-front page on the web app and smartphone app always can see pictures and descriptions of the deals and specials we run," says Tommy Hvid.

Financial reports are 'spot on'

As an operations manager Tommy Hvid is in no doubt that Tamigo’s financial overview has a direct influence on Sticks’n’Sushi´s positive turnover. When the budget is loaded in Tamigo both headquarters and the individual planner can accurately see if work schedules remains within the economic framework.

"It is incredibly important that we are able to see our roster costs in Tamigo while we’re making them. In addition, Tamigo accurately display wage costs against revenues across all the restaurants. This flexibility and transparency is for every restaurant chain 'spot on'. "